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Full Version: Forum Introduction and Status
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Hi everyone,

If you don't know what some of the roles listed below are all about, read this blog post.

So yes, here it is. The forum as it is right now serves primarily one purpose: recruiting and teaching new members so they can join our team. As a bonus, we have a section where you can meet the staff and ask questions, including translation related issues that you can bring up with the 'responsible' translator directly.

In this thread here I will provide status updates on the positions we are recruiting for and line out exactly what we're looking for.

Without further ado:
Last Updated: July 30th, 2016 | Check back for updates soon.

Click each of the titles to be redirected to the particular section and find out more details on the application process there.

  • We have our main series covered, but the recruitment is still open, for we need experienced translators for the following:
  1. Boruto, and someone to cover for My Hero Academia occasionally.
  2. We want to pick up some Jump titles, we're interested in Gintama, Black Clover and World Trigger (in that order).
  3. Some of our lesser known projects, like Rikudo and some other abandoned series.
  4. To cover for translators who are ill or otherwise occupied during certain weeks - it helps if you read many (or most) of our series.
  5. Essentially, we'll be pretty strict in who we let join at this stage, since we aren't desperate by any means. However, that also means that if you do join you're likely to get a series to work on one way or another; we do pick up new series occasionally. (Kingdom and some others are on our wishlist, just apply and see where it gets you.) Read: You have to be experienced and at the higher end of N2 level at least. Your English has to be flawless and absolutely at a native level in every regard.

Editing / Cleaning: 
  • Editors are always welcome to join the team, we could use another 2-3 active ones at the moment and more in the future if we want to pick up a few more series.
  • We have a very strongly developed school section for this, teaching you from complete beginner to a high enough level to join us won't be a problem. 

  • We really need redrawers. Preferably experienced ones. You need to have a good eye for detail and be able to follow up on our advice well.
  • We've been essentially reduced to two dedicated redrawers to cover around 45+ pages each week. The ideal ratio would be somewhere around 3-6 pages per person, so we'll have this section open for a good while, since we have a pretty high standard in this department as well. The tutorial is ready and we have the test pages prepared.

  • Here, too, we're reliant on a few powerhouses, as you can pretty much guess by the same 4-5 names appearing on the credits every week. We'd love to expand our team to a size of about 8-10 people who're as reliable as our current bunch. Coming back week after week, you'd almost think we're a church smh...

Apply now while spots are still free! 
Please do not apply if you already know you'll be busy. 3 out of 4 people who apply never even submit their level 1 test results; that's just costing us a lot of time and effort, since we do reply to each and every one of you indvidually, chance your usergroup status to give you access to the required sections and talk to you all. By the way, if you're concerned with privacy issues - don't be. Your application thread can only be viewed by the staff and yourself - hence why the sections seem empty, while, in fact, they're filled with dozens of applicants at any given time.
Alright folks, I'm back from... personal stuff. We'll be upgrading the recruitment process shortly and get back to all of you who've been ignored for a few weeks, hoping you're still interested. The scanlation process can be quite frustrating, and quite time-consuming, so those of you who're still up for it already bring along some good and necessary qualities. (Trying to see it positively here.) But yeah, look forward to it, we want to expand our team and we're looking for all positions. Smile
Updates partially completed. Have a public test for typesetting and redrawing now, will have one for editing soon too. Translators, we have various ways for you to get in touch personally now. Check out the respective introduction threads. Applying has never been this easy!