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Instructions - Jinn

You know Japanese and are looking for something fun to do with it? Then you're in the right place!

We're basically always looking for new translators to join the team, and you could be one of them. Sure, you'll have to invest some of your time into it, but there's also great perks that come along with this hobby of ours.

You'll be granted exclusive early access to the series you'll work on, but, most importantly, get exclusive access to our staff chat channels, where you can hang around with tons of like-minded people who share your interests. Our translators are around daily and help each other with problematic lines, checking each other's work, sharing resources and so on. Most of the time, they just hang out though, which is fun too. 

Interested? Get in touch with me, just send me a private message here on the board, or start a new thread (don't worry, nobody but the staff and me will be able to view it). Send me your skype id or your email, and we can chat that way, too. You can also email us here: [email protected] We can talk specifics then, but in case you want to "prepare", here is some information for you and a few questions I will generally ask anyway, so you may as well write down and message me your answers beforehand:

The most important times for translators to be around are Sundays at 11pm-3am PDT and Wednesdays 11pm-7am PDT, with some series being translated on Thursdays and Fridays 11pm-3am PDT, though there are also a bunch more monthly series or ones with an irregular schedule where super timely availability isn't a big issue. 

I'll need to know the following about you: 
  • your age and location (for timezone reasons)
  • your occupation
  • your native language(s)
  • your experience with learning Japanese and current status
  • your experience with writing (in English)
  • your experience translating
  • the current manga series you follow and the series you'd be most interested in translating (both including series we already do)

Looking forward to hearing from you!