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Instructions - Jinn

Hi and welcome to the reformed typesetting school department,

Download the following file, you'll find all the necessary instructions in it. The password to the file is: tjc832so5d - This is the new "public" test we have set up for you all - it will give you an opportunity to show us that you have the basic skillset required for becoming a typesetter. It will also allow you to just give it a try, and see if it's the kind of thing you want to pick up as a hobby and do on a regular basis with us all.  

If you pass, you'll be granted access to our school. We have two levels you'll need to pass, where we'll build on the public test and expand into individual scenarios we frequently encounter during typesetting. We have pretty much everything set up for you; tutorials, examples of bad vs good typesetting and - perhaps most importantly - typesetters with years and years of experience under their belts who're here to provide help, feedback and answers to your questions.

What we need from you is to realize what you're really signing up for here. Typesetting is a skill that, like all skills out there, needs to be acquired with time, by practicing it week after week. By applying, you're making a commitment to stick around - long term - and the only way you will get pages to work on beyond this school/education unit is by being around when we work on chapters. The most important times are Sundays at 11pm-3am PDT and Wednesdays 11pm-7am PDT, with some pages available on Thursdays and Fridays 11pm-3am PDT. 

I'll be very open with you here; running this school along with working on weekly chapters is a lot of effort for us and we need you to understand that. We're both making a commitment here - you, to sticking around and being around and available when needed and us, to teaching you, giving you feedback for all your pages and ensuring that we bring you up to the same level as the rest of our team. 

Please only continue on if you're truly committed to joining the team and are confident that you will be very regularly available to help with our weekly series for a long time ( > 12 months) after passing the school. 

Still here? Alright, good. Awesome. Here's what you need to do now:

Create a new thread, title it with your username and the time zone you're in. Tell us about yourself, your age, your current occupation, when and how much you'll likely be available, prior scanlation experience, overall Photoshop experience, your motivation to join us and anything else you think would be important to mention. Don't forget your public test results either. And yes, you will absolutely need Photoshop for this; any version higher than CS2 should work. 

We'll get back to you as soon as possible and we hope you'll enjoy yourself throughout the experience. Smile